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Building and improve software for better live.

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We Solve Your software development Problem

We are open to help build custom software for Your buisness.

  • open with suggestion with technology

Our Services

Create design

Develop software.

Do quality assurance process.

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Improve and maintenance You current software.

Do preformance test of You website.

Our technologies

Ruby on Rails

The most popular framework for Ruby language. The framework allows fast and with TDD metodology implement MVP of Your dedicated software. Some of the best-known Ruby on Rails examples are well-known online destination like Github, Basecamp ,hulu.com. These are just few Ruby on Rails examples that show what open source can do, and there are countless others.

React JS

The most popular javascript library for implementing UI. The library has been written by Facebook. Since the project has been published as open source is used by many commercial projects. It has over 1300 contributors, more than 5.000 ready-to-use components. The component architecture allows developers to write the code once, and then re-use it.



Containerization technology is our common in development. We use docker and docker-compose on each step of creation softwaer: development, test, QA and CI/CD.

How It Works

Our jobs is deliver the best software solution for our clients. Our values shape the way we work with our clients.

Happy Customers

Free Website Template by Free-Template.co


On planing and first we offer consultation On planning and MVP implementation we offer consultation for the custom software. The idea behind this approach allow rapid changes in You software base on users feedback.

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User case.

We offer to describe and prepare appication's user cases. This task allow to focus on Your users in Your application.

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